Special Sights in St. Petersburg, Russia

Sights to see in St. Petersburg, RussiaTsar Peter the Great of Russia, because of his interest in establishing trade relations with nations across the seas, established a city along the Neva River that connected to the Baltic Sea through the Gulf of Finland in 1703. He named the city St. Petersburg in honor of his patron saint and namesake, St. Peter the Apostle. Nine years later, he made the city his capital, moving it from Moscow. There it remained, except from 1728 to 1732 under Peter II, as the Russian capital until the Bolshevik revolution of 1917.

Having been the capital city during the time of the Tsars and Tsarinas, St. Petersburg boasts of magnificent palaces, churches, and buildings. These were quite fortunate to have been spared during the two world wards, and today, they are major tourist attractions.

Visitors to St. Petersburg can start with Catherine Palace at Tsarskoe Selo. Also known as Summer Palace, the sprawling blue and gold royal residence is surrounded by a complex of parks with manicured gardens, some of which feature life size statues and fountains. You can also tour the palace’s interior and have a taste of how Russian royalty wallowed in opulence with walls decorated in scrollwork gilt in gold, floors made of the most exquisite of woods, and staircases of the best marbles.

The Hermitage Museum is another must-see. The Hermitage is actually a complex of several buildings where its over 3 million art works, including some of the works of Rubens, Da Vinci, and Rembrandt, are either displayed or stored. The main complex includes six buildings: the Winter Palace, used by the tsars and tsarinas; the Old, New, and Small Hermitage buildings; Hermitage Theater; and the Reserve House. Apart from this, there is also the General Staff Building, which houses newer exhibits; the Menshikov Palace, which displays original 18th century interior design; and the Museum of Porcelain, which features porcelain art not only from Russia but abroad as well.

St. Petersburg began as a fortress built by Peter the Great on Hare Island along the northern bank of the Neva River. Called the Peter and Paul Fortress, it was built to protect the city from military attacks. It was used as a military garrison for the city, and eventually as a prison for high-ranking and political prisoners.

Within the walls of the fortress is Peter and Paul Cathedral, which was built along Baroque architecture. Except for Peter II and Ivan VI, all Russian tsars are buried within the grounds of the cathedral.

If you plan on visiting St. Petersburg, be prepared for an extended stay as the city certainly has many more attractions to offer.

Traditional Foods of the Russians

Russian traditional cuisine.Russia is a huge country, populated by people of diverse cultural backgrounds living in different geographies and environments. This is reflected in the different types of foods commonly considered Russian.

The country is rich in fish, game, and poultry. You will also find plenty of berries, mushrooms, honey, while crops include barley, millet, rye, and wheat. These form the ingredients of breads, soups, and stews that are favored by Russians.

In addition to these native foods, the tsars and tsarinas also imported both food and culinary techniques from abroad, particularly France and Austria, thus enriching Russian cuisine. Smoked meat and fish, green vegetable salads, pastries, ice cream, chocolate, and wines were brought in during the 16th to 18th centuries. Creative chefs integrated the local with the imported to create a more flavorful and exciting cuisine.

Among the most common of the traditional Russian dishes is the borscht, which is a beet soup which can be served either hot or cold. It includes plenty of vegetables and meat giving it a layered flavor. A dollop of fresh sour cream also helps enhance the soup’s flavor.

Another favorite is the pirozhki. These are stuffed small pastries or buns that are made of either yeast dough or short pastry. Stuffing can be boiled meat chopped and mixed with sautéed onions, boiled eggs and rice with dill, or fish sautéed with onions. Pirozhki can be baked or shallow fried.

Blini, a thin, round pancake, is not only a favorite food, but it also has religious significance. Because of its round shape, it is used as a symbol of the sun during the celebration of its rebirth at the end of winter in a ceremony called Maslenitsa. Blini is topped with cheese, jam, onions, or chocolate syrup and rolled before it is eaten.

A form of kebab is also among traditional Russian food. Called shashlyk, it is made of skewered marinated meat that is grilled. Onions are typically placed in between the slices of meat.

Sour cream, or smetana, usually accompanies most traditional Russian food. It is eaten with crepes, soups, and even desserts. When spread over solid foods, or melted into soups, smetana provides them with a distinctive flavor.

It is rather unfortunate that Russian cuisine is not as popular in the United States as those from other countries. This, however, does not mean that it cannot compare and compete with them.

Health Insurance

In 1694, Hugh the Elder Chamberlen, a practicing obstetrician, conceptualized health insurance. Today, the concept lives on with many an insurance company offering countless variations of the idea.

The reason why Chamberlen’s concept survives is that it works. Many individuals who have suffered serious illnesses benefited from their insurance. And since there is really no telling if a healthy individual today will still be healthy tomorrow, most people who can afford to purchase insurance will buy one.

There are hundreds of insurance companies, ranging from the multi-national giant insurance groups to small companies with localized operations, offering health insurance packages with different features.

Before purchasing insurance, be sure that you are familiar with the basic terminologies of the business. Scrutinize the terms and conditions of the policy and see to it that these are suited to your purposes and your capability.

You can save on your insurance premiums by joining a group policy instead of an individual type. You can have a group policy for your family or officemates. An option you will have to decide is whether to pay a higher premium now but have the benefit of having to pay less if and when you use your insurance.

The Internet is great place to look for the best deals. Indeed, there are even websites that compare the prices and benefits offered by different insurance companies posting them side by side.

Aunt Beth

Aunt Beth is my mom’s cousin and I like her a lot. When I was still a little girl, she would brush my hair a hundred times while telling me stories about her childhood. Aunt Beth was a strict but a kind woman.

Baking was my Aunt Beth’s favourite thing to do. Every time she would drop by the house, she always brings freshly baked goodies like chocolate brownies, pumpkin pie and gingerbread. I personally love all the birthday cakes that she has given me for my birthdays. They were all beautifully decorated and really tasty.

Now that I am a grown woman, I still keep in touch with my Aunt Beth. In fact, I contacted her just last week to ask her about several cake decorating tips she can offer me as well as the ingredients for a delicious minced pie.

Aunt Beth is now 75 years old. She moves and talks a bit slower now but she is still the same kind and bubbly person I knew. She even scolds me every time I would tell her what I have been doing the past days. Aunt Beth will always be a part of my life and I love her very much.

The Plasma TV Floor Stand

Plasma TV Floor StandWhen Claire found out that her favorite appliance store was giving out discounts on selected Plasma TVs, she immediately headed out to check it out. Claire finally saved enough money to buy herself a plasma TV. She had been waiting for the right time to buy it and now she has finally got one.

As soon as she got home, she realized that she doesn’t have a plasma TV floor stand to put her brand new TV. Before she headed out to buy one, Claire first went online to check her options. She found several websites offering stylish and durable plasma TV floor stands.

Claire decided on a particular plasma TV floor stand to avoid placing her brand new plasma TV on the floor. The stand that Claire chose doesn’t require any assembly as she doesn’t have the tools or the skills to set up one. Claire has chosen a traditional hardwood stand that has ample storage and display space for her other multimedia gadgets like speakers, DVD player, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

When her stand was delivered, she immediately set up her high technology plasma T. She then invited some friends over to watch various blockbuster movies and enjoy a large bucket of popcorn.

Where to Find Striper Guides in Lake Texoma

Striper Guides Lake TexomaStriping is a form of line fishing that is popular among fishing enthusiasts. This has become a popular sport at places where most tourists travel to for the purpose of fishing. For these stripers, fishing is more than just a great way to spend their vacation. It gives them an adrenaline rush when they hook the biggest and finest catch in that location.

Lake Texoma is one of the more popular fishing locations that is visited by stripers from all parts of the world. If you are a first time visitor to this place, then it will be best to look for striper guides in Lake Texoma. These guides are very helpful in directing you to the areas of the lake where it is best to go fishing. If it is your first time to go fishing, can teach you a thing or two about the basics of striping. You can go on the internet and locate reputable and reliable striper guides. You can also use the yellow pages of that locality or ask an acquaintance who is a fishing enthusiast for a recommendation for a reliable striper guide. It will not be hard to find one as long as you look for them in the right places.

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Search The Best Plant Nursery in Dallas TX

My mother’s birthday is coming in two weeks. I have been constantly searching for the right gift for her but I couldn’t find anything that she would like. With my perseverance in searching for the solution, I found the greatest thing ever! I saw a lovely plant nursery Dallas TX online. They had the most beautiful flowers that I have seen in my entire like. Upon seeing these, I thought to myself that I had to give my mom a beautiful plant that she can take care of. Especially since she is already living alone, I wanted her to be preoccupied with something. This is no doubt the perfect gift that I have for her.

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Grandma Molly’s Kitchen Lighting

I have a grandmother named Grandma Molly. She is 75 years old but still as strong as a horse. Grandma Molly is my mother’s mother and they quite resemble each other really well.

I grew up visiting Grandma Molly every weekend for she lives in the same town as we do. As soon as I step into her kitchen, I could smell the delicious scent of chocolate chip cookies and apple pies being made. It was pure heaven. Grandma Molly loved to cook. She would slave over a hot stove for hours just to prepare a wonderful feast for us. Grandma Molly would whip up an amazingly delicious ratatouille in minutes. This dish made me love vegetables. An amazing feat, if I say so myself.

Grandma Molly’s kitchen is such as sight to see. It was filled with colourful plates and vases. The kitchen lighting design was outrageous and it was put up by Grandma Molly’s husband, Grandpa Cruz. The kitchen was always warm and welcoming and as a child I was deeply comforted by the atmosphere.

Up to this day, Grandma Molly is still cooking wonderful meals and baking delicious goodies. Though we don’t visit her every weekend, we always make sure we drop by as often as we can.

Susan Wong’s Hair Straightener

Susan Wong was my best friend. She is perky, bubbly and a bit of a rebel. Susan Wong was half Chinese and half American. She was born in Hong Kong and has moved to America when she was two years old.

Susan Wong is a really talented girl. She could play the piano and dance really well. She was quite the popular girl at school but it never got to her head. She was still as kind and down to earth as ever. When Susan bought me to their house one day, she took me to her room and we gave each other a makeover. She groomed my hair using a ceramic hair straightener while I painted her fingernails red.

Susan Wong’s family transferred to another country five years after that makeover session. Her father has been accepted for a job there and so they moved. I never saw her after that. But I occasionally receive postcards and letters from her. I also write to her whenever I can until one day, the last letter that I sent came back. It seems that Susan Wong’s family has moved again.

It has been exactly 25 years now since I last saw Susan Wong. I really miss her.

The Best in the Business

My sister and I argue about everything. I don’t know if I can remember the last time that we didn’t argue about the smallest things. I think it’s because we are so competitive that no one wants to throw the towel and say they’re wrong. When I was growing up, all my memories consisted of having to bicker with my sister and try to up her game constantly. It got so vicious one time that I even had to resort to some dirty work just so I could prove that I was better than her and that I wouldn’t back down. Recently we had a bit of a spat once more when she insisted that she knew the best company to fix my back yard. I already told her that I was employing DuraFence Designs to redo my yard but she wouldn’t have it and wanted to prove me that she had a more affordable and attractive option.

Well listening to her got me a really ugly fence and five thousand dollars more to pay because I am asking another company to redo the work that the other company did, it’s absolutely horrible. Now my fencing looks like a gaudy monstrosity I can’t even look at it without feeling depressed.